About Us

Who We Are

We pride ourselves with the services we offer as a group of business units moving towards one direction which is to serve our clients in the best possible ways.

Think Speed International Company Limited or TSI operates in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Our strategic location is one of the advantages we are confident about that will bring our clients the ease of access to our services, products, and facilities.

What We Do


TSI believes that education is the one essential thing that constantly drives any endeavor to success. Our advocacy in education is one of our strengths in this changing world.

Travel & Tours

We are meant to see the world and appreciate its beauty and its Creator. Traveling is one of the best education there is. Let us make your next adventure come true!

Online Store

Let us make your busy life and easy life in terms of shopping. The convenience and ease of online shopping right on your computer, even with your mobile devices has never been this great!

Why You Should Choose Us

There are hundreds of reason why. But we show you only a few.

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